It’s like Sotheby’s if they’d had too much caffeine, and you didn’t have to pay. 


The Allegro Auction is more like an incredibly fun, fast-paced lottery than an auction. Hence the word allegro, which for all you non-melomaniacs out there, is a musical term for quick-paced. All of the items are donated by our generous partners. Bravuro Foursome and Primo Pair ticket holders will receive one Allegro Auction ticket per pair, redeemable for a prize item worth at least $150. Ticket numbers will be drawn by our host at random during the auction from 7:10 pm. When you hear your number called, GO! You and your partner will have 15 seconds to select your item. Once you've made your selection (good choice!) we'll whisk it away to coat check so it can be waiting for you when you depart, and the auction will continue with the next batch of winners.