Creating a home, one song at a time.


Hearts Out is the annual fundraising gala for Youth Singers of Calgary. The evening’s festivities include fabulous entertainment, a boisterous 'reverse' auction and surprising silent auction, plenty of food, a dance floor so we can break it down until bedtime, and of course drinks, for those who require a little liquid courage to properly shimmy and shake.

After raising $82,000 in 2017, in 2018 the focus will be on raising funds for the 18,000 square foot Performing Arts Youth Centre, a permanent home for the performing arts.



Expect some razzle, and lots of dazzle.


Thursday, March 1 2018:
Jack Singer Concert Hall Lobby

6:30pm: Main Level Opens
Check-in for Bravura & Primo guests. Grab a drink and a seat, and begin to browse the fabulous Allegro Auction items. 

6:30pm: Mezzanine Level Opens
Check-in for Vivace guests. Check out the silent auction and food stations while you take in the auction below. 

7pm: Welcome Address & Allegro Auction
Bravura & Primo guests: listen for your ticket number, and get ready to make your selection - you only have a few seconds to choose!

8pm: Full Food Service & Entertainment 
Take in the fabulous entertainment, while visiting delicious food stations.

9pm: Stage Program Begins 
Our host Ken Lima-Coelho will guide us through dazzling musical numbers. 

9:45pm: Duelling DJ Dance Party 
Stake your spot on the dance floor as we bust some moves until close. 



Eat your heart out. Drink your heart out. Get your wallet out.

All tickets include a buffet dinner and a full evening of hip swaying, finger tapping entertainment from the Youth Singers of Calgary and guest artists. Note: Vivace (single) tickets can be purchased online here, but all Primo and Bravura tickets must be purchased by calling the Arts Commons box office at 403-294-9494

Enjoy the Vivace Experience

Vivace single tickets are $110 each and include:
  • 1 ticket to the event
  • 1 drink ticket for the cash bar
  • Cocktail-style seating
  • Buffet dinner
  • Entertainment all night long


Participate as a Primo Pair

This $500 package for 2 includes:
  • 2 tickets to the event
  • 1 Allegro Auction ticket (each ticket is redeemable for an item worth at least $150, see details below)
  • Cocktail hour from 6:30
  • 4 drink tickets for the cash bar
  • Reserved table seating
  • Buffet dinner
  • Entertainment all night long
To purchase a Primo Pair package, please call the Arts Commons box office at 403-294-9494.
Support as a Bravura Foursome

This $1250 package for 4 includes:
  • 4 tickets to the event
  • 2 Allegro Auction tickets (each ticket is redeemable for an item worth at least $150, see details below)
  • Cocktail hour from 6:30
  • 8 drink tickets for the cash bar
  • Reserved table seating
  • Tickets to an upcoming Youth Singers of Calgary show
  • A swag bag
  • Buffet dinner
  • Entertainment all night long
To purchase a Bravura Foursome package, please call the Arts Commons box office at 403-294-9494.


It’s like Sotheby’s if they’d had too much caffeine, and you didn’t have to pay. 


The Allegro Auction is more like an incredibly fun, fast-paced lottery than an auction. Hence the word allegro, which for all you non-melomaniacs out there, is a musical term for quick-paced. All of the items are donated by our generous partners. Bravuro Foursome and Primo Pair ticket holders will receive one Allegro Auction ticket per pair, redeemable for a prize item worth at least $150. Ticket numbers will be drawn by our host at random during the auction from 7:10 pm. When you hear your number called, GO! You and your partner will have 15 seconds to select your item. Once you've made your selection (good choice!) we'll whisk it away to coat check so it can be waiting for you when you depart, and the auction will continue with the next batch of winners. 

Stay tuned for details of the fantastic prizes - and don't miss out on this exciting auction!


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Our Sponsors

A standing ovation for these folks.

Thanks to returning sponsors Boom Goes the Drum & Daughter Creative.

The Youth Singers of Calgary would also like to thank our 2018 honourary co-chairs, Reed Ferber and Katherine Emberly.

For sponsorship inquiries, please email Cathy Sondergard.

About Us


The Performing Arts Youth Centre

The Performing Arts Youth Centre was built in 2009 by the Youth Singers. What began as a large empty warehouse space in the Highfield Industrial Park area is now a vibrant 18,000 sq. ft.centre, housing  rehearsal studios, a wardrobe area, a set building room, and a music library.

The Youth Singers of Calgary

After seeing a need in the community, Shirley Penner created the Youth Singers in 1985. She then enlisted the help of Darlene Dusevic and Tricia Penner, and together they were able to create an opportunity for young people to express themselves onstage through music, dance and theatre. For the past 30 years, the Youth Singers of Calgary have been providing kids and teens in Calgary with more than a place to showcase and hone their musical talents, they’ve created a place for them to belong. The program gives kids and teens from varied backgrounds the chance to grow, forge friendships, and most importantly belong, one note at a time.